Treasure Hunting in Eastown

Opening a historical building can sometimes make you feel like Indiana Jones on an archeological treasure hunt.  Historical restoration work is lot like exploring distant lands.  You have a general direction you are going, you have a plan and you aren’t sure what you will find until you get there.

After months of careful preliminary exploration, site surveys, planning and more planning we have begun our expedition of the Kingsley Building.  Our journey will begin on the Southeast corner of the building at Lake Drive and Genessee.

Our plan calls for us to follow a Westerly route along Lake Drive, and we will complete our journey on the North side/Robinson Rd. elevation.

From our initial project announcement it seems that most people are now aware that a five-story building exists in Eastown at the corner of Lake Dr. and Robinson Rd.  The mists of time that have obscured this Eastown treasure should clear out in the next few months as the original building facade is once again exposed.

We have decided to shoot both video and stills as we go along with our exploration. We will post them from time to time to give our friends a view of what happens behind the scenes.  It should make for an interesting show.

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