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The Eyes Have It

Eyeliner defines the shape of the eye and the same is true for window frames.  Like a woman’s eyeliner (and many rock stars), the dark line defines the space.  The contrast makes it pop.  The excited responses from neighbors regarding the dark window frames at the Kingsley Building are a good example.  Glass will be installed in the first week of November and you will be able to see deep into the building.  Sharp storefronts draw attention and that’s a good thing for our retailers.

If you have been driving by the Kingsley Building you may have noticed that our historical exterior renovation is almost complete.  We are grabbing every good day we can and working against Mother Nature’s good weather deadline.  You may have also noticed the sidewalk torn up.  We are changing the sidewalk height so that each entry area is ADA accessible.  Having a walkable neighborhood means we also need to have an accessible neighborhood.

Our first tenants include Allegro Coaching on Robinson Rd. and Icapsa Books on Lake Drive.  We are also in negotiations with a few other retailers and a restaurant.  Look for the first businesses to open at the first of the year.