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Time Well Spent

Many people have been asking regarding the Kingsley Building “when will it be done?” Not to be coy but as the title suggests, it takes time. We have been grinding, repairing, molding, replacing, pouring concrete, moving utilities and so much more.
Since we are doing an historical exterior restoration, we are following higher standards and that means more time. Our crews have been working steadily on both the exterior restoration and when the weather is not cooperating on interior work. In the end it will be time well spent.

Around mid-October the new glazing and doorways will begin to be installed. This will bring us much closer to our finished look. We have come a long way in just five short months. Once the building is buttoned up we will finish completion of our first tenant suites.


Recycling for Dollars

Today, Local First and the City of Grand Rapids launched  This is the first public/private partnership created solely to promote single-stream recycling in our City.  Reward points are issued to residents as an incentive to recycle.  These points can be redeemed at over 60 local businesses that have signed up to redeem the points.

What is of particular interest to me is the entire points program was created in Grand Rapids.  Local First worked with the City to assure the program was created by local businesses.  The software was designed at Atomic Object on Wealthy Street.  The Image Shoppe on Diamond along with Clark Communications handled the promotion of the program.  Local First community businesses will redeem the points at convenient locations all over town.

To begin earning your points, log on to and create your account.  Take the number off of your single-stream recycling cart and include your address.  You will begin earning points every time you take your bin to the curb on your designated recycling pickup day.

Now you can make a positive impact on the environment through increased recycling, earn points to exchange for goods and services and enhance your community businesses.  A triple bottom line win – win – win!